Business and Career Education – Why You Should Invest in a Good Business and Career Education

The idea of a business and career education can be as easy as a cashier selling an orange across a grocery counter, or a plumber selling his services by fixing a leaky faucet. It can also be as multifaceted as the sale of state-of-the-art technology from a company in California to a country halfway across all the continents.

Ever since we humans have learned that we could exchange goods and services with our neighbors, we have always improved on the way we do business with one another. Business has always been the driving factor behind timeless inventions and major discoveries.

However business has evolved so much than a simple barter trade with thy neighbor, and for anyone to succeed in the wide world of business, one has to plan his business and career education in the right track.

Most of us are aware that business is constantly changing. At one time every community needed a blacksmith. Today very few people are employed as blacksmiths. That is because the automobile has replaced the horse as the principal means of transportation.

Soon after that we see the coming of automobiles creating thousands of other jobs, from car assembly lines to highway construction. A business and career education helps a person to understand the existing needs and wants of a population, and how to provide the service and product in the most efficient manner.

Aside from non-profit businesses such as hospitals and other social service agencies, there are three main types of business that a business and career education teaches a person to understand.

The first is the manufacturer. The manufacturer produces everything from paper clips to jumbo jets. Some manufacturers produce only parts, such as tires, that are sold to other manufacturers, such as car makers.

The second main type of business is merchandising, which can be divided into the wholesale and retain sectors. Merchandisers distribute products to the consumers. Business and career education students are learning that as giant American retailers bring in more and more merchandise from foreign manufacturers, American manufacturing jobs are being replaced by merchandising jobs.

This transition will be a challenge for business and career education experts. The third main type of business is the provision of a service. Service providers do not actually sell a product, but provide a service for a fee. Hotels are service providers. So are electricians, hairdressers, banks and mechanics.

In a business and career education, one learns that business is affected by a multitude of factors. High gasoline prices can have a negative effect on the tourist industry. A blockbuster movie can cause the sales of a certain toy or fashion item to skyrocket. Global warming can reduce a ski-lodge’s period of operation from a few months to a few weeks. This in turn affects the business of the companies that supply the ski lodge with food, etc.

Business is becoming more and more high tech, and therefore so should a good business and career education. For people getting into this field, computer skills are just as important as marketing skills.

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Business and Personal Development Training – First Date is a Must!

This completely highlights the need for ongoing Personal Development Training. Usually with a strong set of business training skills you can get the door open but, it’s your own level of personal development that will close the deal. You MUST invest in yourself in order in order for others to want to work with you. You have got to provide value first and foremost!

Personal Development Training works on you, between the ears, to create Massive Success! More often than not, you need to continually indulge in training to look inside and ask yourself “What do I want to achieve, Why am I doing this, what’s my timeframe to make this happen?”

But here’s the funny part about Personal Development – we don’t know, what we don’t know! So we have to migrate towards groups of successful people like we want to be and surround ourselves with people who have the skillsets and mindsets that we want to achieve. It’s just like this:

If you need to learn how to change a flat tire, you wouldn’t sit on your thumbs watching your son put together a puzzle hoping to learn how to fix that flat tire – would you? There’s No Way! Even though you don’t know how it works exactly, you understand that if you hang out at the Car Repair Shop, you’ll most likely be in the correct place to learn how to change that tire if again all by yourself

Same applies here in Business and Personal Development Training. You must surround yourself with people who provide value to you, will assist you and are creating the kind of results you want to have. You might not see just what they are doing in their development from a distance, but if you get involved with them and put yourself in a position to learn, you drastically increase the odds that you too will achieve similar results!

You must give yourself the opportunity to learn the same skillsets and achieve the same mindsets for Massive Prosperity in your life!

A couple of key points to consider… If you are not having the kind of success you want to have in your MLM or Network Marketing business it’s usually a result of on of the following three factors:

1. You don’t have enough quality leads to call back. (And most likely you don’t call them back – because it’s like cold-calling and the leads are unresponsive!)

2. At the end of the day you spend more than you make. (And it’s because your company has given you a boiler plate website like everyone else and in so many words said good luck to you and they flat out don’t know how to help you position yourself as a leader, nor how to achieve Massive Prosperity in today’s internet market!)

3. You aren’t allowing yourself to create wild success, or no one has shown you the right way to market online.

The Good News Is: All of these are fixable when you plug in to the right system! A step-by-step system that shows you how to generate more leads, monetize those leads and then how to monetize the 95% who don’t become a member your primary opportunity and at the same time having you plugged into Business and Personal Development Training that will Sharpen Your Skills and Position You As A Leader who Provides Value First!

The economic world today emphasizes how imperative business and personal development training is to your getting ahead and prospering in today’s competitive work-place environment. Sadly, so many became so complacent just recently when we thought the economy would just keep getting better every day. Ooh, complacency really hurts!

As housing prices soared just a few years ago, so did our salaries and benefits and many workers with job-security stopped their continuing education. But then as soon as the housing crisis began, the bank closures followed and many businesses lost their financing and as a result many, many, many people were put out of work and back into the job market.

Then when these new jobseekers went out in search of new employment, they quickly understood that not only were they competing with their old friends from the previous job, but also with the graduates from many universities who were flush with computer savvy that many job-seekers who’d been out school for a while, flat out didn’t have!

So how does this affect you?

Well the world of business online that used to just incorporate your corporate webpage and business email, now is comprised of the Web 2.0 Sites, Social Media and Social Bookmark Sites. A few of the best known Social Media sites are Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. A few of the Web 2.0 sites are YouTube and Viddler and not to forget the perpetually essential Social Bookmark sites like Reddit and Digg, and that’s just a very small sample.

I mention these here because if they sound like foreign words to you, it’s usually the result of not keeping up with your ongoing Business Training in the field of online marketing. Now While all of you may not be network or online marketers,, training and honing your skills with these marketing mediums will only make you MORE of an asset to your future employer.

And if you are already self-employed, it is MUST that you master the art of attraction marketing and personal branding that is so important to your attracting people of like mind who you then can do business with on and offline.

Everywhere I turn, I see people to online business, pushing products first on company replicated websites and behaving like a pushy salesperson, but it’s not their fault – most of the time, they just haven’t been exposed to a system to teach them how to market themselves first, then how to get paid as they go and gently introduce people into their primary business opportunity – And this is only AFTER you have given value first!

It’s like grandma used to tell me “Don’t go asking a lady to marry you until AFTER you’ve been on a first date! She’ll just think you’re nuts and tell her friends you’re crazy!

Business partners and future network marketing prospects are the same way. First, provide value, then create the rapport and if all that goes well, then share your business opportunity when it feels like a good idea for both of you.

Most IMPORTANT – Don’t blast prospects with your opportunity on the first Date!